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The agricultural education has a strong focus on international cooperation which has constantly been reasserted since the agricultural orientation law n°99-574 of July 9, 1999. At the Sillons de Haute Alsace, it is mostly based on mobility development for students and employees of the educational community, for the sake of reciprocity, but also with partnerships for professional training around subjects related to the evolution of agriculture, the climate and social expectations. It is thanks to the Erasmus+ program of the European Union that we offer the maximum amount of possibilities for mobility or for the development of knowledge and skills. Beyond the bilateral partnerships, exchanges with other countries of the world is possible.


International mobility for each student from the Sillons de Haute Alsace: Initially aimed for higher education (BTS), BAC PRO students such as CFA apprentices or CFPPA trainees can benefit from mobility but the establishment also welcomes foreign students and teachers.

Raising awareness about citizenship and international solidarity for young adults : All students of the Sillons de Haute Alsace can benefit from multiple opportunities to discover European cultures, discuss lifestyles differences and explore other countries.

As of today, over 25 partners spread across 5 continents have signed partnership agreements within the framework of the Erasmus + and Interreg programs.

The international cooperation group within the Sillons de Haute Alsace provides experienced help to promote mobility and strategic partnerships. These skills are recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, which assigned 2 employees as geographical coordinator of the European Relations and International Cooperation.

Take advantage of mobility opportunities thanks to the Erasmus+ program, international scholarships, OFAJ and other international structures: for more information, contact Mareva VALAYER-MCCALLUM Erasmus+ coordinator, Audrey BAUMANN or Patricia HINTERLANG.

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